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SEO services for businesses seeking a growth in leads and sales. If you are a start-up company or already have revenues with plans to dominate your market sector, then you have reached the right team. We are local SEO Companys, located in Greater Houston. Each individual team member has well over a decade of experience in Website Design, Content Development, Ads Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Analysis. Call us with your marketing needs, today!

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SEO Services

The Art & Science of Search Optimization” – SEO Services

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO to the professionals, is the process of creating quality content for the search engines (SEs) and the process of distributing the content across the web for maximum exposure. This brings the qualified search traffic to your website.

Search engines are unable to read images and videos. So the images and videos should have a content definition called Alt-Tags to provide guidance to the bots on what the content is.

SEO Services – research, analysis, content design, structure, website design, link structure, distribution of information and reaching the right consumers to attract them to your website and conversion tracking measurements to support the cost of leads & sales. This is what we do for our client’s businesses with a passion for well over a decade.

SEO Houston Services

SEO Services

Content is Ultimate for Search Ranking

We have a team of talented writers who can create superior content for your website. We want to offer the right combination of targeted keywords to bring search traffic and content that communicated with your consumers to convert them into leads & sales for your business. Doing too much optimization using incorrect techniques can create violations and then the site will be penalized.

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Google introduced Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird search algorithms to penalize such website content in the past.  

Search engines prioritize information-rich websites like social networks, newspaper and magazine related websites, and broadcast media over websites that are solely designed to sell products or services unless they provide relevant helpful information to the consumer seeking such information.

Along with creating great content, it is essential to get them linked with reputed and trusted websites, this process is called link building service or information distribution services. This process needs to be done with significant care and quality execution or again the site can de-ranked.  When distributing quality content and links to the credible site, this increases the trust factor of your website and then increases your exposure by bringing your website to the top page of many keywords.  This is why we as SEO Company, we focus on is,“Quality Content for your website”.

SEO Houston Services

We do Ethical SEO for your Business Website

Ethical SEO – people relate SEO with the technique to earn a lot of links from relevant as well as irrelevant sites.  But the truth is SEO is all about directing quality traffic towards a particular website. Then converting the traffic into prospective customers for your business.  Links and anchor texts are important, only if they serve the purpose of driving traffic to your website.  Creating random links with keywords can harm ranking.  Many of the old processes of link building are risky and SEO Companies promoting them can harm your website.

Links from irrelevant websites will only ruin your website’s reputation and the search engines would push it down on the SERPs. Many websites indulge in Black Hat SEO techniques like creating doorway pages, domain hijacking, etc which don’t add any real value and ultimately get them penalized. The search engine algorithms are updated on a regular basis to identify such malpractices.

At SEO, we don’t take part in such techniques and abide by the rules set by the top Google, Yahoo, and Bing. We only do what is ethical for long-term website SEO ranking for our clients. Our clients get benefits of proper SEO techniques that we apply for maximum website search traffic exposure.  SEO services team builds content and links to keep our clients on top of high-quality search traffic bring them, new customers, every day.

SEO Houston Services

Local Directories Help in Ranking

Search engines crawl the local and global directories on a regular basis and follow the links. The two most reputed directories “Open Directory” ( and “Yahoo Directory” (, have human editors who evaluate the site’s content before approving them. Getting your website listed on Open Directory Pages (DMOZ or ODP) is totally free and once your website is listed, thousands of other directories will follow your website.

It is recommended to submit a website to the highest level category and then to the regional category if you qualify. Ideally, the submitted websites get listed within 2 weeks and get crawled on a regular basis.

Google Search Engine Optimization Guide

SEO Houston Services

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