Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing using Facebook can be a very effective and affordable way to enhance your branding and exposure. How do 21 posts per month and 4 group posts sound? If you are like most business customers interested in using Facebook to promote your business, the prior statement does not have much meaning. Unless we can show you real results from real customers we are promoting using Facebook.  Call Us!

A correctly designed post can get you the results you are seeking from social media marketing. Find out how we get our customers more likes, engagement and most importantly leads & sales via organic Facebook posts and Facebook ads.  Additionally, do you know what is IFTTT network? If you want to get a massive amount of content distributed via social media marketing automation, call us.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Posting on Owned Asset and Group Posts for Expanding Exposure

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the buzz word in the Internet Marketing Industry today. In our incredibly digitized society, all of us are familiar with the social media networking sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter. Not only computers but mobile phones also have made social media popular among all age groups.

Social networking sites offer a platform to users where they can share photos, videos, important new or even personal emotions with friends and family. Social media has also revolutionized the way businesses interact with their clients/ customers via the Internet. Networking sites allow businesses to interact with their customers directly along with targeting specific audiences like people of specific age group or a specific gender.

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How can Social Media benefit your Business?

The popular social networking sites like Facebook allows businesses to create ‘Official Pages/ Company Profile Pages’ that help to promote products or services and also share recent news (like a launch of a new product, acquisition of a company, a new merger, etc) about the company/ business with their target audience.

Our team of Company social media professionals successfully manage and maintain the business pages on behalf of our clients so that it gets maximum visibility among the target audience. The key elements of our social media marketing campaigns that are part of the holistic marketing campaign include:

  • Posting relevant and engaging content on the business pages that attract local or target audience.
  • Building an online community of faithful and loyal customers who in turn spread the word to attract more prospective customers creating a viral effect.
  • Sharing important news about the company to make the customers aware of the recent happenings in the company like special events, product launches, or promotions, etc.

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Our team of social media Companys work closely with the clients for a better understanding of their goals and establish social media strategies accordingly. We create engaging and interesting content about recent happenings in the company that attracts more visitors to the ever-growing community.

SMM is also effective if a client is looking for building customer trust and loyalty and establishing brand awareness. It also helps in driving huge amount of targeted traffic to the website which in turn increases the total amount of inbound sales leads.


Can you see why this image posted on Facebook would work? It has relevant information designed to engage the consumer when they see the content.

How Can Our Team Utilize Social Media to Promote your Business?

We follow techniques to increase the popularity of your business and improve your website’s traffic:

  • Start with improving the organic listing of your business (search engine rankings)
  • Encourage content marketing in form of blog posts, press releases, article writing, etc.
  • Monitor and manage the social network account created for our client.
  • Management of social media reputation which includes tracking social chatter and keyword usage
  • Digital marketing in form of video-marketing optimization which includes promotion and distribution over various channels.
  • Building customer relationship to earn more prospective customers.
  • We also offer crisis communication management and customer support.
  • Increase the social reach of client business with help of Social Link Building, also known as, SLB.
  • Our team helps in local business mapping directory listing promotions.
  • Building custom performance reports and tracking performance metrics on behalf of the clients.

Social media marketing along with other search engine optimization techniques is the most effective way to improve online presence and visibility that in turn helps to increase the sales of your business.

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