Top 10 Skills Houston SEO Experts Must Have

SEO Company Houston Web Design & SEO ServicesIf you are seeking to hire an SEO Company for your business digital marketing, then you will want to review this content in detail. Top 10 skills Houston SEO Experts must have to help get your business qualified traffic to your site, confirm traffic convert into leads and you have the ability to close sales. An SEO specialist should not only have a master in search engine optimization (SEO) but also be able to prove their past and present work they are involved in.  SEO professional has a large knowledge base not just for technical work but understanding about your business, market knowledge and finds you critical information that will help your business grow.

top-10-skills-Houston-SEO-Expert-Must-HaveMuch too often, the business owner or the person in charge of hiring a local SEO Company in Houston does not know what to look for. The depth and breadth of skills required today to be considered an SEO Company in Houston has changed. In the past, simple link building skills and basic knowledge of HTML was sufficient to be considered an Company in the field of SEO. It used to be super easy to get a website ranked on page 1 of Google, Yahoo & Bing. Gone are the days of easy ranking with limited knowledge.

Today, an Company Houston SEO firm must have teams and skills to handle custom WordPress website design, landing page design, traffic conversion optimization, on page content design, SEO optimization and off page optimization to get qualified traffic coming to your site. That is not where it ends, but its where we start. These Companys should be able to setup Ads marketing for mobile and click ads on Google and Facebook. They should also have the ability to deliver social media content that engages your customer base to further your business. Wait there is more, don’t leave out YouTube. That is the most watch media platform used by consumers and businesses worldwide.

Now you are likely feeling overwhelmed, and all of this sounds super expensive. Would you believe us if we told you this does not have to be expensive — when done correctly, the results are amazing and SEO plans are affordable for most small business owners.

  • 1. Number of Years of SEO Experience

    Number of Years of SEO Experience – do you know how many years they are established as a Houston SEO Company? Anyone can present themselves as an SEO Company but when you check can they show you a track record? Typically, you want to hire local SEO Companys with 10+ years of experience in SEO, because they have personally experienced the highs and lows of Google change with Panda, Penguin & Hummingbird.  If you are unfamiliar with this, call us and we will be glad to provide you with actual work that we did to help our clients during the many Google algorithm changes.

    Typically, SEO Companys in Houston, with this level of experience can tell you quickly the issues with your site and how to resolve them fast.

  • 2. Experience with all aspects of SEO

    SEO Companyise comes in 3 major categories:

    1. Technical SEO Optimization – website design, errors resolution, performance optimization
    2. On Page SEO Optimization – site structure, content structure, mobile site content configuration, tags and link structure
    3. Off Page SEO Optimization – link building, content distribution, traffic harvesting

    Houston SEO Companys must have a complete knowledge of all 3 SEO categories and should be able to show you actual customer rankings that showcase all of these skills.

  • 3. SEO Results Proven Expert

    There are so many ways to check for SEO results, but more consistently is to meet and greet the SEO Company via direct interview meeting. The right SEO professional should be local, able to show you his/her work, consistently service customers for the long-term. SEO results can be checked and confirmed via Google Analytics and using many other reporting tools.

  • 4. Savvy Digital Marketing Expert

    Digital marketing has become very complex. Not everything is on an equal footing when it comes to online marketing. Example, Twitter does not generate leads for your business vs Facebook. Houston SEO guru should be able to guide your business with all types of budgets.

  • 5. Competitive Research

    SEO local professional can use a variety of tools to research keywords, search traffic, competitive analysis and set up a plan for your success.  The right SEO Company will not jump at the offer of working on your business. SEO Companys are selective on projects they work on because of profitability for their clients. There has to be an ROI from the marketing efforts for them to take you as a client.

  • 6. Strategic Business Knowledge

    You are hiring an SEO person, so why do they need to know strategic vision for your business? The ideal SEO Company needs to understand your products and services, your competitive advantage for your business, your margins, your customer service and areas you are weak. This knowledge helps design the right type of communications to attract ideal customers for your business. Google is constantly making changes and along with it, your competitors are adjusting strategies. Therefore, effective knowledge of your business ensures that the SEO guru working for your business can be proactive vs. reactive.

  • 7. Responsive Customer Service

    If you have a type A personality, its likely your business is moving at the speed of your thought.  That means your team including your SEO firm that you hire should keep up with you. Our policy is to respond to questions or issues within 2 to 4 hours. Typically, we txt, email or call back within 1 hour or immediately.  This ensures our clients know that they are our most important priority and things are handled with speed and quality.

  • 8. Quality Communications Skills

    Effective communications skills are mission critical today. Content is king! Quality communications is a dominant strategy that continues to evolve. If the SEO Company can handle website changes, design, written content, youtube video production, landing page development, on page optimization and off page work – you are in good hands. If they can manage teams and connect with owners and executive, well you have a superstar SEO Company.

  • 9. Execution with Excellence

    Excellence in the execution of marketing strategies, tasks and follow-up is key to a successful SEO Company. You connect these skills with continuous improvement via measured results, well you just hit “Gold”.  If all of this sounds too good to be true, you are right. A very small number of Houston SEO Companys are capable of executing with excellence on a consistent basis.

  • 10. Gaining Knowledge

    The field of digital marketing is constantly in flux. Every day there is a new and improved mouse trap. Does the SEO Company keep a pulse on the market from new technology to new strategies? Are they curious about your competitors? What are they doing? How can you get a leg up on your competition? If you are seeking this level f Company, then you have found the right firm – call us.

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In conclusion, results matter when it comes to SEO, so hire the right SEO company for your busines. If you have found the “Top 10 Skills Houston SEO Experts Must Have” helpful to your decision to hire an SEO Company in Houston, we hope to hear from you.