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Houston Internet Marketing

Houston Internet Marketing

Houston Internet Marketing

Hypothesis: You own a small business organization. You’ve started it fairly recently. You are selling Windows & Roofing in Houston, Texas. You may be a startup but you need to get business moving fast. You have bigger aims with the organization. So you have already developed a website of your own. But the website is not serving as it should be. Now you are thinking to boost it up. But you can’t figure out what to do or who to connect with since you are on a tight budget.

If this is the case, let us guide you through the whole process from the very beginning.

Houston Internet Marketing

Phase 1:  Website Design

Once you have a website, you need it to be well designed so that it can attract the amount of traffic you desired. Now the inevitable question comes, what is a well-designed website? A well-designed website is a site that has the ability to retain the traffic on the page for a certain time period. It is necessary because if you use backlink or any other medium to drive traffic to your site, you may get a visitor but it won’t be turned into a lead. So making the website attractive and resourceful is critical – web design and SEO compliant content are required. This is when an Internet Marketing Company like us can help!

Phase 2: Get Listed on Local Directories

Next, you have to list your website to different popular directories. These directories send numerous traffic to your website and increase your website’s rank in different search engines. There are basically two types of directories out there. Dynamic and Static. The only difference between these two is, one is free and the other is paid. Which one should you choose? We’d say, for a startup, it’s always better to go with the paid directories. The benefits with paid directories are that it enlists a website immediately after you request and pay them to enlist. It also drives more traffic than the free ones.  While it’s free, your time is money, and if you want to hand it off to a professional Internet marketing team, so you can focus on more critical tasks – call us!

Phase 3: Organic SEO – Qualified Search Traffic

Once your website is enlisted with several renowned directories, now it’s time to do some SEO. What is an SEO? Simple. Search engine optimization. Only if it were as simple as it sounds! To understand SEO, you first have to understand the role of search engines. When your website is fully ready and enlisted in various directories, it is time to let search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to know your presence. For that, you have to index your website in the search engines. Once you have successfully indexed your site, you will see a higher conversion rate and subsequently more sale. There are a couple of good Internet Marketing Company Houston, one of which is SEO Houston Company.

Phase 4: Internet Marketing via Ads, Social, Email, more.

After successfully building your website and listing your website to various search engines, you are now all set to go to full marketing. Without marketing and promotion, you won’t be able to sell your product or services on the internet. There are many different ways to do it. You can use back links, banner ads, advertising, email marketing, article submission, social media marketing and blogging etc. Using these techniques in the right manner can help you promote your website so that people can find you easily on the internet. There are several Houston Online Marketing companies to do that for you.  Just find out, call so you can find out!

Final Words: Just Call Us!

Till now we’ve only talked about what to do, but chances are that you already know that. What you’ve been looking for is a good and responsible company to do these for you. So here we are. SEO Houston Company has been working in this field for the last 12 years, remember, 12 years! We’ve practically seen Google develop and introduce many of their tools. With us, you can be assured of quality work. Want to try? Just give us a call.

Houston Internet Marketing