When can I expect to see results from SEO?

Today, this is how Search Engine Optimization works…

Every business owner wants to know how long will it take to get the ranking of many keywords that either they came up with or found competitors at positions where they want to be.  While this is a great question, the answer is a bit more complex today.

  • Google suggests phrases as you type or ask questions on voice – distributing traffic to a variety of similar pages
  • Google dynamically changes content with local maps listings and right side with reviews & other recommendations
  • Mobile search results vary based on the mobile number and GPS location tracking of the consumer
  • Device specific search results vary based pc, tablet or mobile phone
  • Channel search results vary based on the type of search done by consumer – web, images, video, etc.
  • Search results vary based on login and specific consumer search is done based on individual consumers login profile
  • Profile behavior search results customized to your browsing history

Does all this sound like Google provides you as a consumer with customized search, then you are exactly correct? In order for Google to serve you with specific results, they are more and more leveraging “metadata information” to present you with results best possible match for your specific needs. Yahoo & bing also follow similar technology to provide custom results.

So, in this complex world of search, you can be sure, the old strategy of keywords ranking is no longer relevant.  It has not gone away, Google has reduced the importance of simply going after high volume keyword terms as a relevant SEO strategy.

You can check this for yourself.  Go to Google search engine and type in a highly competitive keyword where you believe that most of your leads or sales will come from for your specific type of business products or services. If this is truly a high volume search term, you should immediately notice that approximately top 55% of the page is filled with ads, potentially a competitor business is listed as a profile on the right side of the page followed by Google maps listings and then organic search results with more listings. Often you might have to scroll down below the maps section to find the organic section.

If you observed carefully, you should have noticed as you typed the keywords, Google was suggesting many other relevant keyword phrases to pull you to alternative search engine ranked pages (SERP).


Currently, we recommend focusing on content that will help your consumers find information that other competitors are unable or unwilling to provide. The information which will help consumers identify your business as unique, providing them helpful information to buy from you vs. your competitors. While you might be curious to understand what this might look like for your business, you finding and reading this SEO Faq page is a perfect example of what we mean.

If this information helped you get an “AHA MOMENT” then we have done our job!  We have helped you understand how Google has changed from keywords ranking to broad content relevant content matching technology.

Our strategy is to help you get a large exposure based on broad keyword phrases and high volume keywords – this ensures that you have a long-term and profitable ROI from your organic SEO exposure.

How long does it take to get leads & sales?

As you can see from the information above, we aim to deliver ranking across a broad range of keyword phrases not just a small set of focused keywords. The real question is when can you expect leads & sales?  Typically, if you follow our recommendations to allow us to get your site exposure across a variety of keyword phrases and large across Google Ads, Youtube and Social Media channels — we can typically get you results within 3 weeks to several months out.

Use a two-prong approach to delivering results:

  1. Get you breakeven on your marketing budget as soon as possible
  2. Then incremental leads from organic, maps, youtube, and social media channels as fast as possible to give your business growth

There are companies which will give you marketing plans by month and other details to get you to get into a mindset that its 6 months plus before you see results. We do not subscribe to such structure.

Our aim is to get your results within weeks and months and not to prolong your growth expansion. Typically, our clients see results by the 2nd months and incremental improvement even 3 to 4 months out.