Dear Business Owner,

SEO-Web-Design-Houston-Contact-Us-2Congratulations on your decision to improve your organic Google Search rankings!

You’ll find that SEO can have the strongest return on investment among all forms of online marketing. Our Mission is that you enjoy a significant ROI from working with us (and then sing our praises!).

The purpose of this document is to provide clear expectations about the SEO process and to address some frequently asked questions.

Please read this entire document carefully to ensure we have a great working relationship.

Best regards,

Mark Shah
Digital Marketing Services




Onboarding Documents

You should have received, or will shortly receive our onboarding document (or a link to our “Business Information” page). This must be filled out completely before we can begin our work. We cannot serve you or our other customers if we spend time and resources chasing down information from our customers.


Ranking Reports

Ranking reports are the number one way we communicate your progress. At the beginning of every month, you’ll receive a ranking report based on Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics and other reporting platforms we leverage.  As an SEO company, we can not control how well your website performs but we can influence where your website shows up on Google. For this reason, the ranking reports provide you with performance guide.


Ranking Fluctuations & Progress

When you start receiving our ranking reports you will be surprised at how much Google organic rankings fluctuate day to day and week to week (like the stock market). Be prepared to see a lot of fluctuations in the first three to four months of our work. This will stabilize as Google learns to trust your website.


Project Management

In the beginning of our engagement, there may be a lot of communication as we collect your business info, action and recommend changes to your website.

The frequency of communication will drop after the setup phase is complete and the project focuses on the off-page strategy. You hired us to get you business leads & sales from high volume search traffic and you can be sure we are working hard to get your results as fast as possible.


Communication Policy

We pride ourselves on customer service and our policy is to respond to emails, text, and calls within 2 hours (excluding holidays and weekends).


You Will Be Approached By Other SEO Companies

As your rankings improve it’s normal for you to receive phone calls and emails from online marketing companies trying to solicit business. Some of these companies will send reports pointing out ways your website can be improved for search engines. While these reports can sometimes provide good information – the vast majority, we’ve found, are simply marketing materials and should be ignored.

Google considers over 200 factors in its ranking algorithm but not all of those factors are weighted equally. Our work focuses exclusively on the most impactful ranking factors and we are confident that our process will get you the best possible results. However, in order for us to execute our strategy, we cannot add to the project scope based on outside influences.


ROI Based Marketing

We don’t take on clients that won’t realize a healthy ROI on our services, so you can have confidence that our work together will result in you making your investment with us on your business many times over.

That ROI is only going to increase as your website becomes a fixture on top of page 1 for all your best keywords.