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If you’re looking for a website designer or SEO services, SEO Web Design Houston is your top choice for Houston SEO. Our skilled team has been driving millions of revenues for businesses since 2001, specializing in local SEO Houston area. As a local owner and operator with over 22+ years of expertise in website design and digital marketing, we’re here to help. Feel free to give us a call. We create custom WordPress websites and are experts in SEO and Google Ads. Generate quality leads and sales for your business with our comprehensive digital marketing services, we specialize in converting traffic into leads and sales for your business! Based in Houston, we’ve been dedicated to serving our clients since 2001.

Our team understands the unique needs of businesses in the Houston area and & our services are targeted to ensure maximum impact for your online presence. Whether you are a small local business or a larger corporation, we have the expertise to help you reach your target audience and drive growth. From keyword research to content creation, we have the tools and knowledge to optimize your website for search engines and attract more customers to your business.

In addition to our website design and SEO services Houston, we also offer social media management, email marketing, and online advertising to further enhance your digital marketing strategy. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive solution that will help you stand out in the competitive online marketplace.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business to grow in the competitive digital world of Houston. Let us take your online presence to the next level and drive real results for your business. With our proven track record and dedication of 22+ Years to our clients, you can trust us to deliver exceptional results for your business.

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With years of expertise in crafting websites and excelling in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Google Ads Marketing, and Facebook Ads Marketing, we drive business growth and boost sales for your business. Give us a call today!


We study the websites of your competitors, identifying the sources of their leads and sales. After careful analysis, we propose and create a website tailored to drive and expand your business. Our objectives include attracting organic search traffic and visitors from Google Ads and Facebook Ads, ultimately accelerating the growth of your business.


Give us a call to discover how we create websites that generate more leads and sales compared to your competitors.


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We have been in business since 1970, that is 54+ years, 2nd generation for FREIGHT SHIPPING SERVICES. Yes, we have an established business but I could not find a way to get new customers and our website was so old, it was hurting us to even close any new business I could find. I found Mark and his team online and then reading the Google reviews, I decided to call him. Immediately I was impressed by his communications and how he was able to help me undestand the issues for my business. I was not convinced so I had him sit in on a meeting with a competitor and WOW, the simple questions he asked the other vendor clearly showed me we needed to go with Marks team. Even my wife who was in the meeting was amazed. So, we approved the budget for a new website, and we are shocked by how clean and informative they show our 54+ years of work, the services we are working on and how well the site is structured. We are already in talks with a high networth client with a potential for $500K in new business because of the new website. We are not proud of our website and we can see how this site will convert a lot more business for us. We have started working with Mark and his team for Ads and SEO --- we are finally in good hands and can see growth ahead. What is amazing about Mark is that he picksup when I call --- yes, I am old school and it gives me peace of mind. I highly recommend you contact Mark.
Carrie RanneyCarrie Ranney
18:22 21 May 24
If I could give more than 5-stars, I would. What a relief when I sound SEO Web Design Houston a couple of years ago! This company is beyond trustworthy, extremely talented and class act all away around. THEY WILL TAKE GREAT CARE OF YOU & YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS!!The company I work for launched a new product line and we were desperate need of a website developer to help add some special features for our e-commerce. Nowadays it is so hard to tell who is a legit company and/or is local, AND most of all who you can trust. We were so happy with their developing services (fast, very affordable & know what they are doing)—that we ended up hiring them to maintain our monthly Wordpress updates. Before their services, our website seemed to crash once a month due to conflicting software. And I never got very far from Wordpress support and to be honest, didn’t trust many of those services. Mark and his gang are always getting back to you ASAP, however, very rare they don’t answer a call to begin with! That was so important/impressive to us too … ever an emergency, they were actually there and took care of it!Getting ready to use them again for SEO work and cannot wait! You can exhale once they are on board. Thank you Mark & Charles!
Chris DChris D
22:23 06 May 24
We are a local Woodlands Home Remodeling and Handyman Repair service company with a history of working with The Woodlands Home Owners. I needed to get the right communications to show our work. Mark and his team built us an original website that not only shows our work but is interactive that shows before and after pictures. He was accessible via calls, txt and the speed and quality of the work is super impressive. He got the new website content created and then the site came together is 3 weeks. We are seeking organic SEO to kick in for The Woodlands, Spring, Tomball, Cypress, Magnolia, Montgomery and Conroe. We are looking forward to a banner year. We highly recommend Mark & his team for website design services and SEO results. Call them you will be surprised how much he knows and how they can help you grow your business.
Mike ArnettMike Arnett
21:24 12 Mar 24
I found via Google Search, we were looking for a local SEO and Website team to help us. The website & marketing team we used billed us big but produced little to no results. The 1st mission for Mark and his team was to help us rebuild our website which has a significant number of BBQ Grills and Accessories for sale. The prior site was focused on Pallet Sales which we sold a lot of but was not making a dent to our bottom line. Mark did an analysis and design review and right away, we knew we had the correct team. What sold us is the fact that Mark told us straight up that not everything goes well in digital marketing but what he will share with us is good news and bad news. He was clear that Google tends to make a lot of changes over the years and digital marketing services is not a rocket to the top but growth over time. We are delighted with the new website design --- now its time to get to the next step of SEO and Google Ads marketing to bring in revenues. We are looking forward to growth. If you are seeking a digital marketing team in Houston, call Mark.
We hired a Senior Marketing person years ago as pre-launch of Cubic CoWork at Rayford. She brought in a website designer that started the project but could not complete it correctly. Then she brought in Mark and his team to complete the website design work. He and his team did an amazing job for our website brand and layout. We then hired them to continue to maintain and manage the website --- do Google Ads and SEO work. We grew and the calls came in over the years. Then Google implemented Google AI - which has not gone well for many search firms. While Mark and his team implemente Google Ads Performance Max to further leverage Google AI to increase calls. They are taking it a step further by going after Google Business Listings Maps ranking, in addition to organic ranking using SEO. They are also adding more blogs and content, while other firms and teams fell behind on this work. We are very happy with Mark and his team --- if you are looking for a local SEO team in Houston, call them.
John KottenstetteJohn Kottenstette
20:17 27 Sep 23
We were using a CA SEO firm and noticed over the years that they did not know the local HOUSTON market. We started looking for a local SEO Firm and found Mark at SEO Web Design Houston. The call was amazing. We could tell from the start that we had the right Houston SEO Company. We did a couple of ZOOM meetings and we immediately found value. The techniques they use on Google Ads reduced our waste by almost 35% and you can imagine what happened to our leads by not wasting money --- we were able to get 2x more leads on the same budget. The team rebuilt out website and you can immediately see the call to action. The local optimization with The Woodlands, Conroe, Willis, Magnolia, Spring, Cypress, it's obvious, yet not a single SEO firm we worked with handled it this quickly and effectively. What is also amazing is as the tasks are done, they text me with screenshots of activities and update via zoom meetings. We are delighted to find a local Houston SEO firm --- if you are looking to get a dramatic upgrade on your digital marketing - call Mark.
16:59 20 Sep 23
We were referred and we are SO GLAD to work with Mark. We thought the prior vendor was doing a good job but WOW what a difference when you work with a true SEO PRO who has both Website Design Experience with Digital Marketing Communications and Technical SEO Experience. You know you are working with a group high performance team when things are getting done rapidly and the flow of information is not technical junk but business communication that has significant bottom line impact. Everyone knows that as interest rates increase business slows down --- so it becomes increasingly more important to increase exposure via SEO, Ads, YouTube, Facebook and getting the traffic on your Website to convert into leads, leads, leads. This process took time but WOW, we are seeing results. You need to be patient and allow Mark and his team to do the work and improve on it month to month. Typically, 4 to 6 months out you are seeing increase in leads and sales. We are blessed to have found Mark and his team of experts. Call them you will be shocked by his interaction with you. Nothing like the other SEO firms we called.
Hvac SpringHvac Spring
15:39 05 Mar 23
Amazing, amazing, amazing. I met with Mark to go over several issues I had with my account, which included Google AdWords Account Suspension. He reviewed it without hesitation, he identified the issues with the account and got it handled --- I am so happy, to receive Google Ads Account was UNSUSPENDED within 24 hours of him taking action. He further identified my website had a score of E for performance and advised me not to spend money on Ads or SEO until the site was rebuilt or fixed. While this was alarming --- it was hard to dispute this detail because it would simply waste my money and not get the results I needed. I am small business owner and its refreshing to see someone that actually cares about me and my business vs. selling me services that will not help me keep my doors open. You can be sure I am hiring Mark and his team to help me with my HVAC business in Spring and surrounding areas. If you need Digital Marketing for your business, call them, you will be shocked at the level of knowledge and details they provide to get you results.
Zach HallZach Hall
13:05 03 Oct 22
My dad started working with Mark almost a decade ago. He and his team has helped us grow our business using digital marketing services. They handled all of our website, SEO and Google Ads management. Over the years we have significantly grown and now I run the sales and operations. Mark and his team continues to get us massive exposure and leads continue to flow in. We are pleased to continue our relationship with Mark and fortunate to have his expertise.
Brad HallBrad Hall
13:30 20 Jul 21
We have been a customer since 2009. Mark & his team has help us grow our business. Mark and his team manages our website, handles all of the SEO and Google Ads. Landscape services are done by many competitors but Mark has kept us for 100s of keywords on top of page 1 on Google, Yahoo & Bing for over a decade. Additionally, they are responsive and they really care about small business owners. They even handled my server hack clean up and worked with the hosting company to ensure all security is up to date and the site was clean. They monitor website security and ensure the site is up to date at no additional cost. The bottom line is they have consistently generated leads from SEO & Ads for over a decade. Highly recommend you call Mark.
Dalvin GloverDalvin Glover
03:34 30 Nov 20
My wife asked me to call Mark to get my business rocking because they got her website & SEO working so well that she raves about them. I was skeptical but after I got to work with Mark and his team. I am amazed with the website transformation. The results are spectacular and now am I so pumped with my venture. If you are looking for the real professional in "digital marketing" - then call these guys. Ask for Mark, you will be amazed by his approach and results. Highly recommend them.
GOES HeatingGOES Heating
18:08 17 Sep 20
We have worked with Mark and his team for many years. They are responsive and always forward thinking. They have done a great job of keeping our Boiler & Water Heater commercial business on top of page 1 in Houston, Austin & San Antonio. Additionally, with a small budget, they have consistently kept us getting results from Google Ads. They built and take care of our website without worry. Additionally, they provided our team website content change training and help as needed. If you need help with digital marketing, call Mark, they know how to help B2B Companies.
We worked with Mark for well over 7+ years now for my main website. Another SEO company #1 company in fact on search convinced me to go with them for a new venture site. Well we hired them and for months could not get the website completed and often they would not call us or respond to our emails. Well we fired them and got Mark and his team back on the project - they worked over the weekend and delivered an almost completed website. My lead on the project was in "tears" with the speed and quality of the delivery. I highly, highly, highly recommend you call Mark and his team with your website and digital marketing work - call them.
Daryl QuinnettDaryl Quinnett
23:35 06 Aug 20
I exclusively use Mark & his team for all of my websites and they get things done not just FAST but HIGH-QUALITY. I have tried so many other website and SEO firms and they are the only guys who get me results. My insulation website is on page 1 for hundreds of keywords in Greater Houston. My roofing site almost on page 1 for many high volume difficult keywords to rank. What is great is I can text, email or call and guess what he picks up and then gets the stuff done in record time. Highly recommend them for Website Design Work & Digital Marketing.
We have worked with Mark & team for well over 3+ years. They are the only Website Design Firm & SEO Company who after searching for years got us to page 1 of Google, Yahoo & Bing. We tried many experts and professionals but so glad to have found them. They are the reason why you find us on Google and a large percent of our business success is because of the great work Mark & his team does for us each month. Highly recommend them. It might help you to know that they are in business since 2001.
Donna HagerDonna Hager
19:10 08 May 20
SEO Web Design built us an amazing and user friendly website for our fishing charter business. Mark is extremely knowledgeable and had our website up and running quickly. Every time I have called with questions he always answers the phone and is always happy to help. I have yet to have any problems that he wasn't able to solve instantly. I highly recommend SEO Web Design Houston to anyone needing web help!!
Jeffrey GamezJeffrey Gamez
19:01 30 Mar 20
I found them online and from the very first minute they have educated us on digital marketing. Mark has already helped us save money during this down cycle and as a result we asked them to build us a new website for our insulation business. We hired them less than 1 week ago and they produced the most amazing website which focus our business for leads & sales. We are using them for SEO, Google Ads Marketing & Website Support services. I highly recommend Mark and his team.
We hired and met with many Digital Marketing Companies in Houston and outside USA. We had issues after issues - not one of them would come by my office and actually sit with my team and I to get a re-design of the website done with SEO & Paid Ads. Mark and his team was just amazing to work. We now have an amazing SEO optimized website and we are looking forward to working with them for a long-term. 20+ years in the Valves & Controls business and I can assure you - these guys are the ones you want to work with for your SEO & Ads.
Peyton WeltyPeyton Welty
18:01 07 Mar 20
These guys built me a rock solid website for a highly competitive market - Water Damage Restoration, Fire Damage Restoration, Wind Damage Restoration and more. Mark is very easy to work with and he understand my business and gets to work. Very pleased with the speed and responsive of the work done. We are looking forward to getting the SEO and Digital Marketing moving. So, far, we have already received leads which we closed. If you are looking for an excellent Website Designers & SEO / Digital Marketing guys, call them.
Kathy GordonKathy Gordon
16:29 02 Feb 20
We are a national & local business and consumer debt collections agency with significant focus on B2B & B2C Collections. Mark and his team has worked with us since 2014. We trust them with our website, digital marketing and more. Its not often you can find a relationship that is deeper than just marketing service. Mark is truly a trusted relationship and it make it extra special because they consistently deliver results. Our website is unique, communicates exactly what we do and you can find us on organic search results for all of the core keywords on page 1. Relationship & results matter -- they deliver both. Highly recommend them.
Keesha BlackKeesha Black
13:50 16 Dec 19
I highly recommend Mark and his team. They built our website, does our digital marketing (Google Ads & SEO). We are now on the 1st page on Google, Yahoo & Bing for highly competitive keywords. When I call or text them, they are very responsive - typically interacting with me within minutes. I feel confident in my business because Mark & his crew is on my team! I highly recommend them.
Jeff HoganJeff Hogan
18:25 27 Apr 19
SEO Web Design Houston™ - Mark is just amazing to work with. They handle our digital marketing all over Texas. They get us RESULTS. In less than 1 month we did more business than we did in 1 quarter hiring our SEO firms. SEO Web Design Houston™ continues to execute on SEO, Paid Ads and Facebook Social Media Marketing. We are looking forward to a long relationship and continue to recommend them.

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