web-analytics-data-analysisSTEP 1 – COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS (RESEARCH)

We start by understanding your business, revenue model and profit sectors of your business. We then conduct a competitive analysis (research) of your competitors to understand what keywords produce the best search results, what types of website design convert the best leads & sales for your competitors and then provide you with guidance for the content development and design recommendations.

We want our clients to have the best odds of getting search traffic, so the site is found by potential customers, thereafter, give our clients the best opportunities to convert traffic into leads & sales.

The most important intelligence required is keywords analysis that brings in search traffic and conversion call to action components.

Our goal is to get our customers a great return on investment from marketing dollars spending.

houston-content-writingSTEP 2  – CONTENT WRITING

Quality is at the heart of our delivery process when it comes to website content writing. Houston Website Design Services starts with a through website content design process based on completed competitive research and understanding our client’s customer demographics.

Houston content writing team focus on the local market, regional markets, and national markets to create unique, original content which is ideal for attracting search traffic and converting traffic into leads & sales for our clients.

The website design should produce both communications about the client’s products & services but also engage a potential customer to engage for leads & sales. Call to action triggers is a critical part of the entire process.



Theme selection, where we are looking to find the best visual communication design, easy user navigation, SEO compliant WordPress themes with minimum technical errors and optimized for performance. Then we start the building, design, configuration and setup process.  Often we do this in live mode, right on your hosting server so you can see the daily progress.  Typically, a 10 to a 15-page website is designed.

While most business customers check out their competitor’s websites to find the best site, often the best looking site does not convert leads and sales as one might expect. We rely on research tools and technology to give is a bit more insight into competitor success than just looking at the website.

However, we do want our customer to give us some information about the type of competitor websites they like because this gives us a better opportunity to align the customer’s desires for the ideal website design for their business.

Call us to discuss your questions.

online-website-marketing-houstonSTEP 4 – MARKETING

A well-designed business site requires marketing. Marketing is an ongoing process because your competitors are constantly capturing your customers to grow their business. When we build custom websites for your business, our core focus is design and marketing services that deliver leads & sales for your business to grow.  Included in your website:

  • Google Business Maps Listing
  • Google+ Page Design
  • Facebook Page Design
  • Google Analytics & Google Webmaster Tools

We recommend the following Houston SEO Services: Google AdWords Marketing, Google Mobile Ads Marketing, Organic SEO Services for Google, Yahoo & Bing, Social Media Marketing for Facebook and YouTube Video Marketing Services.  We service clients with small, medium and large budgets, give us a call.