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SEO copywriting starts with understanding our customers business services and/or products, type of customer to reach and where they are. Then understand how the competitors are marketing to grab the customers now. Then we build content based on keywords researched based on competition and volume. Call today to discuss your marketing needs using SEO content.

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The adage “Content is King” means more in online marketing than ever before. Creating fresh and unique content is priority one for SEO (search engine optimization). If web masters wish to get and keep top search engine rankings, you must create and post informative and captivating content on the website and in blog posts, press releases, articles, etc.

SEO Copywriting services deliver these SEO Results

Website SEO services include the creation and distribution of high-quality content on various platforms. Our content writing team has the Companyise and experience of creating rich content adding value to your website and attracting traffic. We create content serving both human and web crawlers, so our client’s website can reach the top SERPs.

Content that is Best for Websites to Gain Top Rankings

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Onsite and Offsite Blogging (Guest Blogging)

Blogging is a core technique of search engine optimization. The first step in effective content marketing is creating a business blog directly linked on the website. Blogs provide a platform for engaging visitors with informative posts which can be distributed daily or weekly. Posts should be keyword centric but not be overdone. Keeping it natural is a key to successful blog posting.

Onsite blogging helps your website earn ‘Online Authority,’ gaining respect and industry recognition.

Offsite blogging, also referred to as Guest Blogging, has rich and informative posts created for posting on other blogs already having a high reputation in the industry. This helps attract high-quality targeted audiences, powerful backlinks (inbound links) and boosts the search engine rankings.

Press Releases

Next, to blog posting, Press Releases are a key part of content strategy. Media is gained at zero cost by distributing press releases on third-party sources like Associated Press, publication, newspaper and magazines affiliates.

We have a dedicated team creating well-researched, well-designed press releases on behalf of our clients for distribution on AP Newswire services. Regularly released press releases (ideally once in a month) helps direct quality traffic towards the website and also helps render organic listings. Our content teams are PR professionals and former journalists, creating content for specific communication channels and achieving high-value media placements. They work closely with our clients to understand their business goals, creating content appropriate for spreading the right message.

Other Forms of Creative Content: Our content services are not restricted to blog posts and press releases, we also create content in other forms that serve a specific and valuable purpose in gaining online presence, authority and promoting our client’s businesses.

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Other forms of content that we create on behalf of our clients include:

  • Production of professional videos and distributing/ promoting them on Google Video Ads and SMM-managed YouTube Channels.
  • We are also involved in company photo-shoots to create professional-quality images that are used on social media sites, website and other marketing channels.
  • We also design custom Infographics and Infographics that are placed on the site.
  • Creation of keyword-centric web pages that include well-optimized FAQ pages, Buyer Intent Pages, etc.
  • Creation of well-researched Marketing Case Studies that are placed on the website.

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